I hold both BSc and MSc in Financial Mathematics and I’m currently crafting a PhD in Finance. I’m currently a part of Treasury & ALM department of Adriatic Slovenica d.d., with assets under management of more than 660 million euros.

I specialize in process automatization, quantitative finance and financial modeling. I’m well versed in various programming languages and software, e.g. R, VBA, Python, Matlab and Excel.


I’m higly passioned about blockchain technology, as a daily trader, analyst, and through being a part of various blockhain related projects, mostly through UX Design and Cryptoeconomics.
Some of the projects I’ve been involved with are Bitins Ltd., Enver Protocol and Autorize.

UI & UX Design

Design has been my passion since early teens. I’ve been working as a freelance designer for the last 10 years, collaborating with numerous national and international agencies and clients.
I specialise in crafting minimal web and mobile applications.


Sea, wind and sailing have been a part of my life since early childhood. I’ve been competing professionaly for the last 19 years.

Among other, I won 16 national, 2 world and 4 european medals, I’ve been a part of Slovenian national team since 2001, I’ve competed on two editions of Mediterranean Games and I completed two Olympic campaigns in the world’s most competitive sailing class of Laser Standard.